Areas of service

We offer facilities design expertise and educational program planning services to communities, school districts, and organizations engaged in designing or renovating buildings, to support powerful schools and educational complexes. Bringing research regarding how people learn, we help school communities across the nation think creatively about effective design solutions to improve educational outcomes for all students.

Educational visioning

Provide educators and school planners with a suite of ideas, tools, strategies, and protocols to plan environments and facilities that support effective learning.

Facilities audits and planning

Help educators, facilities professionals, and architects assess the state of current infrastructure and develop plans to support and sustain strategic initiatives, including small schools conversions and STEM learning programs. Assist in the reorganization of buildings to support successful academic programs.

Technical assistance

Offer ongoing support, technical expertise, and objective feedback to schools and districts engaged in the design, construction, or renovation of distinctive educational facilities.

Study tours

Supply planning assistance for inquiry-based study tours and lead visitations of innovative and stellar schools and educational complexes.

Design team selection and coordination

Assist school systems in selecting architectural firms skilled in effective school planning and design; serve as liaisons and consultants to ensure the quality implementation of effective small schools and educational complexes.