STEM schools

Innovations in STEM learning (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

Architects of Achievement has led numerous projects to help leaders develop strategies and set priorities as they create STEM programs, schools, and educational complexes. These collaborations are shaping educational models that promote inquiry and real-world learning in an integrated, intensive, and applied fashion. Beyond integration among STEM disciplines, these programs are building bridges to humanities and arts studies, and to colleges, companies, and industries.

STEM programs invite innovation, and the potential learning benefit to students is immense. Students in the best STEM programs are asked to solve real world problems. They have access to and become proficient users of integrated technology. They learn how to translate hard data into argument, and do so at a level of rigor that prepares them to excel in STEM fields in college. They are preparing for professional life beyond school, modeled in internships and job shadowing, and by mentors in high-tech and scientific fields.

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